Hey great to discover you! Enjoyed this.

Re good reads on embodied / environmental cognition, I don't know if you've gone here already but Varela et al.'s (1991) The Embodied Mind is a classic - there's obviously been advances in the field since then but it cohered a lot in one book in a way that's made it foundational to the rest of the field. Other more recent recs:

- Andy Clark's work in the area: his book Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind is a good place to start

- Evan Thompson's Mind in Life

- can recommend articles too if you want more, for example area of niche construction goes more into cognition-environment interactions, and Bruineberg and Rietveld have a bunch of good stuff on how agents interact with environments to produce skilled behaviour

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Thanks a lot! I've ordered Surfing Uncertainty for now; will probably reach out for more targeted recommendations later :)

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